Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Simplified

Let’s face it, with the hundreds of products on the market today, Home Owners have a bunch of choices on how they can control their home. With many different products, come many learning curves, as well as many different ways to control. Multiple Applications on phones and tablets can get confusing, as well as a guest has little to no chance of understanding the system, let alone controlling it.

Harbor Digital boils down the choices to a few vendors who have been in the market for 15-30 years. These are the dependable products which we have simple methods to control. From a simple button on the wall to get your lighting and whole house audio playing, to an intuitive touch screen that can control all aspects of the home, as well as display your webcams and weather updates.

Perfect comfort – automatically

Now you can adjust temperature, lighting, and appliances with ease. At the touch of a single button—or even hands-free.

Lighting the way you like it

Bring out the personality of every room—in any mood or season. No unsightly rows of switches or dimmers.

Automated shades

We love our windows during the day, but when the sun goes down we want privacy. Our window shade solutions can drop the shades at sunset as well as raise them automatically at sunrise.

Monitor your home

Our webcams give you peace of mind when you’re away. With remote monitoring and viewing, you can check in on your home or loved ones from your smartphone or tablet.

Improve your family time with Smart Wi-Fi

Our wireless systems keep you connected from anywhere in your home, but can be turned off when you want to unplug and get back to quality family time. Want to limit your family’s time online? You can schedule the system to automatically disconnect at meal times or connect for certain periods of time each day. Now you can truly limit online time to an hour after supper. Each device in your family can be controlled separately, so if your younger family children are allowed an hour a day, their devices can be controlled separately from your Teenager that needs a connection to do homework.