Whole House Audio * Distributed Video * Home Theaters

Commercial Solutions

Audio: From Video Conference Room systems to Public Address systems, we have the scalable solutions for microphones and speakers to give your presentations the punch they deserve.

Video: Conference Facilities and Sports Bars benefit from our custom video distribution solutions. Don’t let a rack or room full of gear get out of control. We will simplify your solution, reduce costs and put simple control of everything into your hand.

Board Rooms/Conference Rooms: No matter the size of the room, Harbor Digital can Engineer and Install a rock solid SIMPL solution to meet your business needs! With the many flavors of Video Conferencing choices out there, why settle for one, when you can have them all as well as future proof your installation with a little forward thinking in the design. We also have solutions for room scheduling and equipment/asset monitoring (think hours on a projector bulb) that will help keep your room maintained and in top shape for every use.